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Apartments for rent in Antwerp

Always future-minded, Room to Bloom is planning some special projects in the coming months. Having carefully renovated not one but two cultural-historical heritage buildings, we will soon be able to offer our starters stylish accommodation in two fascinating locations: the Stadswaag and the Minderbroedersrui. Prices and more details are coming soon, so keep an eye on these buildings!

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Specially reserved for starters!

You start your studies and before you know it, you’re graduating already. Ready to take your first steps into the job market and earn your own money? Then you’ll be needing a starter home. Finding an affordable rental home in Antwerp, however, is not that easy. Fortunately, Room to Bloom is more than happy to give you a helping hand!

How to find a cheap apartment for rent in Antwerp?

We’re confident that, by browsing our many apartments for rent in Antwerp, you will find the perfect place that meets all your needs. After all, every flat we let to starters is in ship-shape. Discover our offer now!

Starter apartments

Find student housing in Antwerp

When you’re a student, your room is more than a place to charge your laptop and warm up noodles. You will study, sleep and eat in it for at least a year, so naturally you’re looking for the perfect studio or flat – without having to break the bank, that is. Are you still looking for a trendy student flat in Antwerp? Look no more!

Furnished studios and flats for rent

Room to Bloom has been letting affordable studios and flats to students for more than 25 years. All of our student housing is neat, low-priced and located in or around popular student areas and campuses in Antwerp. You don’t have to worry about moving a lot of stuff, by the way, because we always make sure every student room we rent comes with basic furniture. Naturally, all utilities are present as well.

Student housing in Antwerp – handyman included

Oops, the drain is clogged! Better call mum or dad? There’s no need! Simply contact Room to Bloom and handyman Gert is on his way. Gert knows all our buildings like the back of his hand and is happy to help.

Problems with your neighbors who also rent a place from us? Don’t hesitate to give us a call. Room to Bloom ensures that everyone respects the house rules.

Student rooms